January 10, 2023

Case Study: How We Generated $18K a Month in Recurring Revenue for One Client Through Our Proven Process Strategy


While many business owners understand the need for robust sales and marketing efforts, few realize the incredible revenue-generating potential that lies in specialized business development. One of our clients, a butcher shop looking to expand its local wholesale market, experienced this first-hand. By collaborating with Power Business Development, they now generate $18,000 a month in recurring revenue. This case study aims to shed light on how our proven process strategy made this possible.


Our client, a local butcher shop, was already a popular destination for high-quality meats. However, their reach was mostly limited to retail customers. They wanted to break into the wholesale market, specifically targeting hotels that serve dinner and breakfast, and premium restaurants. 


The butcher shop faced several challenges:

1. Lack of expertise in B2B sales

2. Limited staff and time to focus on business development

3. No existing relationships with local hotels and premium restaurants

The Power Business Development Process Strategy

Our strategy for generating consistent and high-quality leads involves several steps, each tailored to suit the unique needs of the business.

1. Strategy Workshop

We began by conducting an in-depth strategy workshop with our client to understand their goals and the nuances of their business. This gave us the insights we needed to tailor our approach effectively.

2. LinkedIn Profile Setup

Given the B2B nature of the client’s target market, we focused our efforts on LinkedIn. We optimized their profile to serve as a virtual business card that would make the right first impression.

3. Personalized Outreach

Armed with a list of target hotels and restaurants, we launched a personalized outreach campaign. We crafted individual scripts that communicated the client’s unique value proposition and why they would be the perfect supplier.

4. Prospecting and Nurturing

Upon initiating the campaign, we started prospecting and sending cold messages to decision-makers. When leads responded, our team would nurture them, setting the stage for our client to take over and close the sale.

5. Leveraging Special Occasions

Identifying high-demand periods like Thanksgiving and Christmas, we ramped up our outreach and promotions. This led to an influx of new clients, many of whom have since become regulars.


By following our process strategy, the client’s monthly recurring revenue soared to $18,000 within just a few months. Not only did this represent a substantial ROI on their investment in our services, but it also resulted in several long-term contracts that promise continued growth.


This case study serves as a testament to the efficacy of specialized business development strategies. By understanding our client’s unique needs and leveraging our proven processes, we were able to break down the barriers to entering the wholesale market and tap into a new, lucrative revenue stream. 

For businesses seeking to expand their wholesale footprint, Power Business Development offers not just a service, but a strategic partnership committed to driving growth. Feel free to reach out and see how we can do the same for you.

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